Jenmarco was founded in 1997 and is a privately held corporation. Our initial focus was mailing postcard advertising for clients such as Red Wing shoes. In 2003, an associate introduced Jenmarco to the insurance industry and insurance lead generation. From that point on this became our primary focus. Through our associations and experience we have become a leading provider of leads to the insurance industry. In 2008, Jenmarco unveiled its online lead solution to accommodate the changing needs of our client. This solution enables them to view available pieces, obtain counts, order mailings, manage, and distribute leads. We have continued to make improvements to the site based on our clients’ suggestions and their needs.

At Jenmarco we pride ourselves on the things that set us apart from our competition. As all of our clients will attest, our pricing has continually been some of the most competitive in the industry, but it is our efficiency, flexibility, and the personal level of service we provide, to both small and large clients alike, that truly sets us apart from the rest.